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Looking for Unique Corporate Event Entertainer? | 6 Reasons you should hire Illusionist Shardul

Many companies are concerned about their employees and their engagement. To improve engagement level, companies organize events like Reward and Recognition, Family Day, Company Day, sales conferences, training seminars & manager meetings, etc., and look for some unique entertainment that should be inspiring and memorable for years.

The typical way of entertainment is hiring a dance group that will dance for 5-10 minutes on songs or a band that will sing the songs which people listen to every day on their phone. These typical ways of entertainment are not memorable and will be forgotten at the end of the day.

There is a modern way of entertainment that is tried and tested is Mentalism & Illusion Show by Illusionist Shardul. Human being has been attracted by mysterious arts like Illusion as it creates thrilling experiences. Mentalism is a recent mode of entertainment that gives you world-class entertainment as well as other inspiration to boost the enthusiasm of the spectators, that's why most of the corporate companies hire a mentalist to create a new spirit among their employees.

Illusionist Shardul is interacting with Senior leadership in his Mentalism Show at Pune.

Here are 6 reasons why you should hire Illusionist Shardul for Corporate Events-

1. ISO Certified Quality Assurance-

Illusionist Shardul (Mentalist, Modern Magician & Corporate Trainer) is India’s first ISO 9001:2015 Certified Entertainer. This certification represents the quality management system that is essential for any corporate company to maintain its standards. Shardul provides end-to-end consultation for the event to make it superhit.

2. Entertainment & Engagement Guarantee- Illusionist Shardul gives entertainment and Engagement Guarantees else money back. This shows Shardul’s confidence in the content of his show. This show is fully entertaining, a stress buster containing ingenious humor, clean comedy, and of course the world-class routine which surely boosts the employee engagement bar.

3. Experience of working in Corporate-

Illusionist Shardul has completed his MBA and worked in MNC for five years. After that, he quit his job and became a full-time Illusionist & Mentalist. While working in MNC Shardul understood the mindset of employees to higher management. This learning has helped Shardul to design his show in an amazing way. This uniqueness reflects in all the acts.

4. 100% Audience Participation-

Illusionist Shardul makes sure that everyone is participating in his show. No matter if a person is sitting in the first row or the last row. This increases the interest level of the audience as everyone in the room gets the never seen before experience. This helps to make this show memorable for years.

5. Suitable to Theme of the Event-

Shardul’s show is highly customizable according to your budget and requirement. If you have any particular theme for your event or if you want silently to pass any message to your audience, that can be done uniquely through this show. For ex. Describing any product or explaining new policies or values of the company etc.

6. Social Responsibility- Illusionist Shardul believes in giving back to society. A part of the show’s remuneration goes to charity through various causes. Like food to needy people, Medication for Cancer patients. Hiring Shardul is like you are indirectly initiating Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activity through your entertainment budget. Illusionist Shardul is always happy to talk and understand the requirement of the event organizer. If you wish to have a great memorable event then get in touch now on 9403310740.!


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