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How it all started-

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First Magic Show at the age of 4!

Illusionist Shardul was born in a Magician's family. Shardul's father was a Magician. His father used to take Shardul for his Magic Shows. At the age of four, Shardul had performed his first Magic trick on the stage in his father's show. Little Shardul was showered with flowers of appreciation. At the age of playing marbles, Shardul preferred to show his magical skills to his friends. That's how the Magical journey started.

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Parents said- Study should be Priority!

Illusionist Shardul's parents didn't want him to be a Magician like his father. They wanted Shardul to focus on his studies. So that he can get a good job and settle in his life as Magician's life is very uncertain. However, Shardul was so fascinated with Magic that he used to pretend that he was studying but used to practice some Magic Tricks when he was alone at home. (It's a secret! )🤫

First Public Show.jpeg

Full-fledged Show in School Gathering!

Illusionist Shardul has performed his first full-fledged Magic Show in his school gathering in the year 2000. After the show, he got many cash prizes from the audience. After seeing the response of the student and other spectators, his zeal got doubled. Then he decided to become a Magician in the future. when his parents got to know about his future plan, they got tensed! 😧


Magic Shows as a Part-time!

Shardul was banned from Magic by his parents due to his board exams. After his schooling, Shardul shifted to another city for further studies. In his college days, Shardul started his magic shows without informing his parents. Also, he was focused on his studies to please his parents. Now his parents were happy as their son focused on his studies. Shardul was also glad as he could perform his secret shows  🤪

Shardul as an actor.jpeg

Meantime Fascinated by Acting!

At the same time, while performing his magic shows, Shardul got fascinated by acting. He started playing different roles in various dramas. He received multiple awards for his acting skills. Also, he got a chance to act in short films. Later he directed his short films on social issues. So you can say Shardul as an actor & director along with an Illusionist! Shardul started using his acting skills in his Magic Shows. It was a unique concept in the entertainment field.

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Shardul started working in MNC!

After completing his MBA, Shardul got campus placement in MNC. To please his parents, he joined and started working a typical 9 to 6 job. Initially, he was happy with the job as he started earning. However, he couldn't pursue his passion for acting and magic due to work pressure. He wanted to quit his job and pursue his passion but at the same time his mother got cancer and it was an insane decision to shift to an uncertain career in such a condition.

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Mother's death was a Turning Point!

Shardul's mother knew about Shardul's dualistic mindset. So in her last few days, she inspired Shardul to follow his passion for Magic and acting. His mother bravely fought against the demon of cancer. Unfortunately, her health gave away and she left this world and Shardul alone. It was extremely difficult for Shardul to get out of this shock. Shardul remembered his mother's words and quit his job and started pursuing his passion!

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Adventurous life started!

When Shardul quit his job, everyone started laughing at him. Shardul's early days were  struggling  as he had to leave his 9 to 6 job and enter an uncertain new world. There was already a lot of competition in the market. So Shardul worked 18 hours a day to try new experiments in it and to practice it. Shardul created a show of his own using his creativity & managerial skills and launched it in the market.

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World-class Illusionist & Mentalist!

Illusionist Shardul's Mentalism show called "Mind Hacks" and Illusion Show called "Hallucination" got superhit in India and abroad. Shardul started getting invitations from abroad for his show. Shardul is frequently invited to guide students from prestigious educational institutions like IIT, IIM. He is called to inspire people by sharing his art and journey on global platforms like TEDx.  Various TV and Radio channels conducted his interview. Now Shardul became the brand name in entertainment industry.

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